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January 10, 2022


Vancouver, BC – For many months, the Truck Loggers Association (TLA) has strongly advocated for much-needed, real dialogue on successfully moving BC’s forest sector forward. On January 12 and 13, the TLA will initiate this long overdue dialogue through a series of virtual sessions with industry representatives offering a broad spectrum of viewpoints.

The virtual event will feature a series of speakers and sessions that will address the harsh reality and implications of sweeping forest policy changes by the BC government, and options to move the sector forward.

“Government’s policy directions and decisions have set in motion an unprecedented level of uncertainty and concern among the thousands of hard-working men and women in our sector,” says Bob Brash, Executive Director of the TLA. “A decision to defer 2.6 million hectares of old growth came without meaningful consultation, followed by government fast tracking legislation – giving Cabinet sweeping authority to redistribute tenures and unilaterally determine compensation rights of the affected parties – warrants the very discussions to be held during these virtual sessions.”

For a number of months, the TLA has called for meaningful collaboration among all key stakeholders, including First Nations, community groups, licensees, and non-government organizations. The Association has suggested there is an opportunity for a collective vision for forestry that addresses society’s expectations of BC’s forest-management while ensuring decision-making is informed with a true understanding of the issues and the consequences.

“We believe it’s necessary to bring industry stakeholders together to engage in conversation about the real impacts of these decisions, the best options to move our sector forward, and advocate for changes that will actually work,” says Brash.

Attending delegates will learn about the impact on BC’s market and investment climate. They will hear about the merits and implications of the changes from industry representatives, including Charlene Higgins of the BC First Nations Forestry Council, Susan Yurkovich from the BC Council of Forest Industries, along with Gerry Merkel, Co-Chair of the Old Growth Strategic Review Panel and Chair or the Old Growth Technical Advisory Panel, and officials from the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development.

For details about the TLA Virtual Sessions, please visit: TLA VIRTUAL SESSIONS


About the Truck Loggers Association of BC:

The Truck Loggers Association of BC is the voice of more than 500 member companies across British Columbia which include independent timber harvesting contractors, phase contractors, market loggers, independent sawmills, industry suppliers and forest resource dependent communities. The TLA promotes the viability and sustainability of the BC forest industry through policy development, effective communication, and advocating for and addressing the evolving needs of its members.


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