The Truck Loggers Association is an influential voice in the forest industry on behalf of its 500 member companies across BC. Celebrating 75 years of advocacy, the TLA was formed to give independent loggers a collective voice in the changes taking place in society and the forest industry, as well as to share information about newly developing logging machines, methods, and technology. The TLA now represents independent timber harvesting contractors, phase contractors, market loggers, independent sawmills, industry suppliers and forest resource dependent communities.

  • Representing our members in the development of innovative and progressive forest policy and practises

  • Fostering successful relationships with the forest industry, local communities and all levels of government

  • Building strong and mutually beneficial relationships with First Nations

  • Nurturing effective communication with our members, industry, government, First Nations and local communities

  • Maintaining a dynamic organization that addresses the evolving needs of its members

TLA at a Glance


Truck LoggerBC  is distributed to over 10,000 readers who rely on the forest industry across British Columbia for their livelihoods. It is the preeminent source for timber harvesting and forestry perspectives, information & news.



The Truck Loggers Association is the official voice of independent forest contractors located throughout BC Follow the TLA on social media to stay up to date with all the latest #truckloggers & #bcforestry happenings. We’d love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Instagram.

#DYK the WFP/USW strike has been going on for 6 months? It is imperative a resolution is found as soon as possible. #EndUSWWFPStrike ...

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Did you know the TLA Forestry Education Fund annually supports TLA member communities by sponsoring logger sports shows across BC?
Learn more about the work the TLA Education Fund supports through the link in our bio. #TruckLoggers #BCForestry

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At the 2019 Convention + Trade Show @thevancouversun's Rob Shaw and @globalbc's Richard Zussman joined delegates to discuss their views of the new political landscape for our province's politics- a year later, a forest industry in crisis sets up these two speakers up for another fascinating discussion at the 2020 TLA Convention + Trade Show!
Read the 2020 Convention program and register now- link in bio. #TruckLoggers #2020TLA #BCForestry

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This year, at the 2020 TLA Convention + Trade Show, Al Bieska will be joining delegates for a presentation on the significance of mental health on employee performance, attendance and safety, and offer suggestions on how to create a psychologically healthy workplace.
Register for Vision 20/20 through the link in our bio. #TruckLoggers #BCForestry

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#DYK it has now been 152 days of no revenue for timber harvesting contractors and their employees? The WFP/USW strike is causing millions of dollars to go missing from our economy and communities. #EndUSWWFPStrike ...

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The TLA advocates on our members’ behalf so that our collective voice informs policy makers of key issues that affect our membership.

Membership provides you with the opportunity to stay informed about forestry issues, by making valuable business contacts, and by being a part of influencing government and public policy issues, which help to protect and enhance the sustainability of the forest industry in BC.

Become a member today! Link in bio. #BCForestry #TruckLoggers

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#DYK old-growth forests vary extensively in tree size, age classes, presence and abundance of structural elements, stability and presence of under-storey. Share your thoughts on old-growth in BC, link in bio. #ProtectOurWorkingForest #BCForestry ...

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#DYK Ancient forest is another term often used in describing old growth, but some jurisdictions have narrowed it to mean forests known to exist on a site for thousands of years. Share your thoughts on old-growth in B.C. Link in our bio. #ProtectOurWorkingForest #BCForestry ...

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