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Responding to Proposed Federal Tax Changes for Small Businesses

Below is an email to Finance Minister Morneau addressing the TLA's concerns about how the proposed federal tax changes will affect our members. Please click on the link below to open this message as an email and send it to the Department of Finance, Minister Morneau and Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, our most western Liberal MP in a forest resource associated riding. Deadline to respond is Monday, October 2.

Send the email to Minister Morneau and Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, MP

To make sure your email is recorded by the government, please include your full contact information when the link has opened the email.

If the link didn't work on your browser or if you're writing your own email, send it to ALL THREE emails:,, and then cc in so the TLA can record how many emails are sent. 

To learn more about this situation, please watch the TLA hosted webinar by MNP LLP about the proposed federal tax changes

Dear Finance Minister Morneau:
I’m a member of the Truck Loggers Association; an organization that represents independent timber harvesting contractors in BC. I am writing to ask you to stop the federal government’s flawed income tax proposals that will harm my business and my family’s future.
I run my business hoping to be successful and create good forestry jobs within my rural community. I hope to pass on some of my success to future generations while saving for my retirement along the way. However, the business environment in BC’s forest industry is making it particularly difficult to run a sustainable independent timber harvesting contractor business today. 
With this in mind, the three tax measures associated with income distribution, passive income in a corporation, and capital gains as proposed by the government will make it ever more difficult to run our businesses sustainably, create good forestry jobs and provide the societal contributions that benefit all Canadians.  
I strongly urge the government to set aside the current proposals and hold more meaningful consultation. This would allow us to properly consider tax changes that will ultimately impact the backbone of the Canadian economy. 
I am asking you to reconsider these flawed tax reform measures. Good local forestry jobs are at stake.
Thank you in advance for your support.