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Softwood Lumber: The TLA Perspective

Read "Bracing Ourselves: SLA Impacts on the Coast" by David Elstone, TLA Executive Director, that gives his perspective on the softwood lumber dispute:

Read the article from the Fall 2016 issue of Truck LoggerBC, "SLA: Understanding the Consequences of No Agreement".

Learn about softwood lumber at the TLA convention tomorrow!

SD04 Market Update: Greed, Fear or Folly - 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Know what's happening in the market and be aware of uncertainties that could impact your business. Presentations will cover the softwood lumber dispute and trends in logs, lumber and pulp.
Moderator: David Elstone, The Truck Logger Assocation
Jason Fisher, Associate Deputy Minister, MFLNRO - Forest Sector
Russ Taylor, International Wood Markets
Murray Hall, Murray Hall Consulting