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August 29, 2014

Sneak peek to the 72nd TLA Convention & Trade Show

August 27, 2014

Support Timber Sale A87126 on BC's Sunshine Coast

It's critical that the provincial government hear the pro-forestry voice more often. In an effort to make that happen, the TLA is organizing email campaigns like this one to Tom Jensen, Assistant Deputy Minister, MFLNRO.

BCTS hopes to put Timber Sale A87126 up for bid this fall but has already received push-back from a small group of vocal opponents and has received virtually no pro-forestry feedback. This timber sale, located on the Sunshine Coast and including the Dakota Bowl and a lower part of Mount Elphinstone, is an important part of BC’s ever shrinking working forest. It is made up of good quality, easily accessible timber and should be harvested.

The email that will open when you click the link below is only a template. Feel free to make changes to share your personal thoughts on this timber sale. 

Hello Tom Jensen,
As a member of BC’s coastal forest industry, I am writing to support BCTS’s plan to put Timber Sale A87126 up for bid this fall. 
This timber sale, located on the Sunshine Coast and including the Dakota Bowl and a lower part of Mount Elphinstone, is an important part of BC’s ever shrinking working forest. It is made up of good quality, easily accessible timber. And it’s in an area where a forest can easily grow to harvestable size in 80 years—you can’t get more renewable than that.
Looking at BCTS’s recent success of the Maurelle Island harvesting, it’s clear good community consultation and an engaged collaboration between MFLNRO, the forest industry and community stakeholders can lead to a successful harvest where everyone’s needs are met. 
As you know, the AAC on the coast continues to decline. Since 1990, it has fallen more than 23 per cent. We can’t continue to chip away at BC’s working forest and expect the forest industry to survive. 
Again, I urge you to support BCTS in putting TSL A87126 up for bid.

Best regards,

August 21, 2014

7th In The Woods Show

The Pacific Logging Congress is hosting the 7th In The Woods Show, Sep. 25-27, 2014 on the Port Blakely Tree Farm near Molalla, Oregon. Thinking about buying a new machine and want to compare the latest technology in logging equipment on the market today? Here is the place to do it. This show is an actual live logging demonstration. Major manufacturers will be operating next to each other for you to view and evaluate.

Read more information and register here.
August 12, 2014

Thank You from the International Forestry Student Symposium

The TLA sponsored a BBQ for the International Forestry Student Symposium 2014 at Mesachie Lake on Monday, August 11. The TLA also had a presence at the IFSS kick-off event where Dwight Yochim, TLA Executive Director, and Brenda Martin, Director of Communications, answered questions from forestry students from around the world.

The International Forestry Students' Symposium is the largest student conference of forestry and forest-related sciences, bringing together over 100 IFSA members from across the world. This is the first time in 42 years that the Symposium has been hosted in western North America.

The theme of the 2014 Symposium is “Our Roots, Our Future." The aim is to highlight the rich history of forestry in BC and how the province’s forests are so deeply intertwined with our people, culture, and future. During the two weeks, they will travel around the province, exploring its varied ecosystems, its vibrant forest industry and its forestry research and education! IFSS is collaboratively hosted by the UBC, TRU, UNBC abd IFSA Local Committees in British Columbia.

Dwight Yochim, TLA Executive Director, accepts his thank-you award from the IFSS planning committee at Mesachie Lake.

August 11, 2014

Campbell River Logger Sports Competition

The Truck Loggers Association was a sponsor once again at this year's Campbell River Loggers Sports competition. Check out our accompanying radio ad play last weekend on The Goat 98.9FM and 2Day Hits 99.7FM! Just click on the 'play' button below.

Hans Peter Meyer also did some excellent social media coverage for the TLA at the Campbell River Loggers Sports Competition. Check out the photos and get all the details on our Twitter feed and Facebook photo album.

August 08, 2014

Logger Sports Live Event Coverage

The TLA is sponsoring live event coverage during the August 8-10 Logger Sports competition in Campbell River as part of our support for the men and women working in the woods. You can help extend this support! 
Please find and follow the #TLAsponsor tag as event reporter Hans Peter Meyer posts to Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and Facebook
We encourage everyone to repost, comment, like, and/or RT Hans’ posts. Please celebrate our logger sport athletes with us!