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July 29, 2015

Letter of the Day - The Vancouver Sun

In the Letter of the Day in The Vancouver Sun (July 28), David Elstone defends forestry and explains how sustainable and well regulated it is. 

B.C. forests protected: Logging in province under strict oversight and regulation
Re: Penalties for violations low, should be published, board says; July 22
The last paragraph of this article says “B.C.’s forests ‘are in increasingly poor condition’ due to destructive logging.” This is wrong.
The Forest Practices Board, the industry watchdog, was created in 1994 and established audit and investigation programs for the industry. The Forest and Range Practices Act, passed in 2004, specifies requirements to conserve soils, reforest logged areas, and protect riparian areas, fish and fish habitats, watersheds, biodiversity and wildlife.
As of the end of 2014, B.C. had well over half the province (52 million hectares of land) under the sustainable forest management certification standards of the CSA, FSC or SFI. British Columbia has more forest area certified than any other jurisdiction in the world, with the exception of Canada as a whole. B.C.’s forest industry is sustainable and well regulated.
Finally, B.C. has over 5,000 highly trained and educated registered forest professionals and tens of thousands of forest workers trained in environmental best practices and work safety. Forest workers are proud of how they harvest trees sustainablility so this renewable resource will continue to support them and their communities.

David Elstone, RPF
Executive Director, The Truck Loggers Association

July 22, 2015

Truck LoggerBC - Summer 2015

The Summer 2015 issue of Truck LoggerBC is up!  There are now three ways to read Truck LoggerBC online:

July 14, 2015

A Tale of Two Forests - A Presentation on the proposed Great Bear Rainforest Order

A Tale of Two Forests

Great Bear Rainforest Order Community Meeting and Panel Discussion
The panel discussion will look at the following issues:

  • What is BC's approach to ecosystem-based management?
  • Are the assumptions at the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest based in scientific reality or beliefs about reality? 
  • What are the ecological and economic implications of adopting these "orders" to the North and Central Island and Mainland Coast?
  • In a time of changing trends in climate, how appropriate are these proposed orders to adapting to stress and maintaining biological diversity?
  • Is the Great Bear Rainforest  one forest or composite of a number of forests?
  • Should we have only one set of  policies for the governance of these forests?
If you want all the details, visit the official website for the Proposed 2015 Great Bear Rainforest Order here.
June 24, 2015

Minister Thomson attends Grade 9 Forestry Project Based Learning graduation in Port Alberni

See video

The TLA has supported this program financially for several years. We are thrilled to see that it's thriving and kids are excited about education and forestry. This is the kind of on-the-ground forestry recruitment and education that can build the next generation of loggers and forest professionals. 
June 09, 2015

TLA Donates $10,000 to BC Children's Hospital Foundation

The TLA donated $10,000 to BC Children's Hospital Foundation in May. Next month, we'll have the official donation photo. But we thought that we'd share these selfie booth shots now.

Left to right: David Elstone, TLA Executive Director; Don Banaksy, TLA President; Ted Beutler, STIR Committee Chair

Left to right: Kathie Madden, Director of Event & Membership; Marcus Elstone; David Elstone, TLA Executive Director

Left to right: Don Banaksy, TLA President, with his two daughters.

June 08, 2015

Bill Nelson Receives Award from School District 72

At the TLA Networking Event in Campbell River in April, teacher Jason Kerluck (right) presented Bill Nelson of Holbrook Dyson Logging (left) with a plaque from School District 72 to recognize Bill's efforts in "promoting ongoing learning at Carihi Secondary School" and being a partner in education. Congratulations Bill!