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Jobs are posted for a month and will be included in The Grapple Yarder e-newsletter published during that month. Please send job postings to Brenda Martin.
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Grapple Yarder Operator
Olympic Log Forest Products Ltd.
Powell RiverFull-time
Find out moreposted 3 weeks 14 hours ago
Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanic
Holbrook Dyson Logging Ltd.
Vernon Lake, near WossFull-time
Find out moreposted 6 weeks 13 hours ago
Husby Group
Find out moreposted 6 weeks 2 days ago
Manager, Contractor Partnerships
Western Forest Products
Campbell RiverFull-time
Find out moreposted 8 weeks 6 days ago
Boom Boat operator
Squamish Mills Ltd.
Find out moreposted 15 weeks 2 days ago
Logging Machinery Operator
Lake CowichanFull-time
Find out moreposted 17 weeks 1 day ago
Master Mechanic
W.D. Moore Logging
Port Hardy and Winter HarbourFull-time
Find out moreposted 19 weeks 16 hours ago